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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  July 24, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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time. that's it for todayment have a great week and we'll see you next fox news sunday. >> a fox urgent, under pressure, the talk changing minute by minute. lawmakers dealing with our huge debt and how to get the cash to pay for it. president obama now huddling with the two most powerful democrats. and we're getting new word, house speaker john boehner expected to announce a g.o.p. plan tomorrow. breaking details as both political parties go into overtime to get a deal done. i'm harris falkner and this is fox report. your financial security. and the debt crisis. how closely connected are they? we're about to find out, in
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moments, what the latest developments in washington could mean for your bottom line. plus, their disturbing deaths share a common link, inside this historic mansion more questions than answers. tonight, new reports where investigators are looking for clues now. and they say he's small, but police say his crimes are big and bad. new video of a suspected serial groper and one city's search for the guy who can't keep his hands to himself. movement in the debt showdown as we speak. president obama meeting with democratic leaders harry reid and nancy pelosi receipt now at the white house and here is what we know. from the house speaker john boehner deciding not to announce the proposal tonight, but expected to introduce a bill tomorrow afternoon. earlier he made an exclusive
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appearance on fox news sunday and at that point he was hoping to have an announcement by 4 p.m. eastern today. >> we've got a spending problem. and i'm going to do everything i can to try to tackle this problem in as big a way as i can, because it's the right thing for the country. >> even if it causes heartburn in the g.o.p. caucus? >> it's about doing the right thing for our country. >> harris: another key player in the crisis speaking with chris wallace today. tim geithner explaining why president obama is against a short plan. >> we're trying to do something important, to avoid default today and-- >> you may end up with default today. >> speaker of the house and has said they're not going to default. >> harris: coverage of the debt crisis, robert gray of the fox business network is watching the overseas markets. first though over to mike emanuel over at the white house. the 4 p.m. deadline, mike,
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came and went and it's got to be tense for them tonight? >> absolutely, harris, it feels like pressure is certainly ratcheting up. as you mentioned top two democrats in the congress have been meeting with the president and vice-president in the oval office for just over an hour at this point. we know senator harry reid has come up with his own fallback plan which we understand would cut two and a half trillion dollars and run the government until early 2013, it would not increase taxes, today the white house chief of staff put more pressure on congress to get something done. >> the congress must pass this. it is their responsibility to extend the debt ceiling and so, my sense is that in the end, they will act. we may have a few stressful days coming up and stressful for the markets of the world and the american people, but in the end there's no question in my mind, the government of america will not default. >> the challenge is finding a deal that can pass the democrat-led senate and the
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republican-led house, harris. >> harris: meanwhile, mike, john boehner trying to rally his troops, we're hearing, what's the latest 0en that. >> that's right, he held a late afternoon conference call with his republican house conference. here is some of what he had to say, quote, the path forward i believe is that we pull together as a team behind a new measure that has a shot at getting to the president's desk. he went on to say, quote, if we stand together as a team our leverage is maximized and they have to deal with us. if we're divided our efrj will gets minimized so a call for unity there and also a call for some compromise as republican members are going to be travelling back from their districts to washington later tonight and tomorrow morning, harris. >> mike emanuel outside of the white house. thank you very much. the world watching washington. a major issue in the fight over dealing with our debt, the uncertainty that it creates in the markets. people across the globe want to know our leaders can get our debt under control. you just heard white house chief of staff bill daley
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speaking earlier about the damage already done because of the crisis. and that the next few days could be pretty stressful ones. at this hour the futures markets are already open. robert gray of the fox business network, robert, what can you tell us about the markets right now? >> i can tell you we're looking for some volatility ahead. we're already seeing it at this hour, harris, you've got the s & p futures, the dow jones industrial average down about 1%. 114 points off the dow and we should point out to you, the futures trading on sunday night generally fairly thinly traded and watch the u.s. dollar, falling against most major currencies, a lot of folks flocking to the swiss franc and against the dollar for some team and gold futures jumping p. the same time crude futures starting to slide off a little bit and one of the reasons there, perhaps concern about the economy here in the states, whether or not we would have more demand for crude, but crude is falling. treasury futures sliding, and harris there's concern there, if we defaulted and didn't pay
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people on the treasuries or if we lose our tim a credit rating, treasuries may not be as valuable especially overseas, important investors here in the u.s. >> harris: what about on waurt wall street, what are they saying about a possible default. >> to a man or woman, everyone thinks a deal is going to get done. i think the announcement after the markets closed on friday that the debt talks were off again and certainly volatility of this weekend has created an air of uncertainty no one was factoring in after we saw the markets rallying last week, you could almost put a data point for every day you hear it up. about washington getting past the default. the credit rating cut seems by some accounts, an expected reaction. merrill lynch an expected player, putting out a note and they exhibit x us to not default and lose the triple agent rating down the line, on
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main street and wall street for borrowing costs. >> harris: that's where people are going to tune in closer now. for the average person, how does it affect our wallet. are 401(k)'s going to suffer? >> absolutely. you can expect if stocks and bonds selling off. if we lose the triple-a rating. we've paid our debts and that's one reason people continue to flock to the u.s. dollar and treasury markets and globally you'll see them rallying and see that happen as people see what's happening in europe. treasuries selling off and individuals own, we own most of our own debt here and you could have money market mutual funds in trouble because they invest in treasuries, some can only investor in triple-a rated entities and have to sell off the bonds and that makes borrowing costs higher for the u.s. and higher foremunicipalities, and borrowing costs all the way to individuals trying to get a loan to buy a car and
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everything could be moving higher in terms of borrowing costs, a lot more expensive. >> harris: i know you're in the hub of the fox business network, one of the next thing you're waiting to see, can be an indicator of how things are going globally. the nikkei in japan, set to open in about 20 minutes and we'll check back and see how that is trading and that can be an early sign how the world may react. >> absolutely. >> harris: we'll see you, ro bt gray, thank you so much. we'll move on. we're learning new details in the horrific mass murder shaking the nation of norway to its core. police releasing the latest death toll. 93 people killed, more than 90 wounded and some still missing after two deadly attacks that happened friday. the first, a bomb explosion at department of the headquarters in the capital, oslo and then a shooting ram passage at a youth camp on an island outside the city. the people of this normally carry-free country were most police officers don't carry guns, are coming to grips with one of the deadliest days in
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their history. initially just shocked and reminded me of 9/11, back in the states. >> it can happen anywhere and i'm shocked at the extent of it and that it was one of our own. >> harris: one man in custody and he is confessing to both attacks, according to his attorney. anders breivik. right now the police are pouring through the thousand plus page manifesto. our greg burke is streaming live from norway. >> harris, that's right. there's lots of material here for anyone who wants to try to get inside a criminal mind and a pretty strange criminal mind at that. anders brievik seemed determined to leave a trail
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and an extensive one. he wants to get it out on a mess if he -- manifesto. and a dislike for muslims and dislike for government that allowed so much immigration and his attack on the summer grap. it was a labor party camp here in norway and the future of the party. so many young people at the camp. survivors from the island massacre. surreal was the killer went methodically and killing youth one by one and he clearly did not want to die himself. police--
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he was going to kill us all. and that this was, our day to die and. >> now, this morning in oslo, there was a service at the luthren cathedral, termed a mass of grief and hope, but certainly, there was a lot more grieve at this point, still, than there is throughout the city and even tonight, lots of little candlelight shrines all over town or downtown near where the blast took place and finally, harris, tomorrow, there should be the, the suspect in court, that is the plan, and that he does come to court. some question whether or not that will be an open event, an open hearing. the police are arguing against that basically saying that they do not want it for an opportunity for him to spread his message. we'll see what happens tomorrow, harris. >> harris: greg burke, thank you very much. a live report from norway. you could say this video is kind of the smoking gun.
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>> a fox weather alert. much of the nation still reeling from record high temperatures. relief is on the horizon. the hot weather finally breaking days after it blanketed the midwest and eastern states under dangerous heat and now a look at current temperatures from the fox extreme weather center. you see areas popping, dallas the 103 and san antonio, and 80's and 90's, east coast we were breaking the records the last few days, a far cry from
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the triple digits and dangerous situations. tomorrow looking good as well and things almost back to normal although we will see a break above 1 h00 degrees out of the south, not unusual. two people pulled from the river. six people were on a pontoo pontoon-like boat. a man was supposed to be celebrating his wedding day yesterday ended up in the hospital. still tonight, two people are missing on his boat. it's not clear if the bodies recovered are those two missing men. a congressional fight over the f.a.a. may make it cheaper for you to fly, but not if some airlines have something to say about it. the house and senate failing to agree on a funding extension for the federal aviation administration, so, the agency is shutting down.
7:17 pm
and that means the government won't be collecting about 200 million dollars a week in airline taxes. and that would make tickets cheaper, but some airlines are jacking up their prices. peter doocy is in washington with more. >> a handful of federal taxes on plane tickets just expired and cheap air fares for flyers everywhere, not if you're on american airlines or u.s. airways, because congress was not able to pass a bill to keep the f.a.a. running, the f.a.a. has to for low 4,000 employees and some federal taxes are taken off the top of ticket prices, but american airlines and u.s. airways flyers will pay the same price even without the taxes because those carriers jacked up fares so prices remain the same and the carriers are going to pocket the difference, southwest and air tran both raised their prices by about $8 a round trip and spirit airline customers won't see their prices budge an opiniony and on the sunday shows today we heard that the big problem
7:18 pm
with the f.a.a. right now is purely political. ing the american people are paying $1,000 a ticket if subsidy, riding to airports, six passengers on the plane and drive an hour and a half and get an airplane and we wouldn't be paying the $1,000. continued waste and duplication in the federal government. >> the president's chief of staff chose to focus less on's and more on what he says republicans blocking an important bill. >> this dispute between the house and senate broke down and 4,000 people were laid off on friday because of a political inability for the house and senate to get together. and the republicans in the house said it's our our way or, sorry, 4,000 people are laid off. that's not the way the government is supposed to work. >> reporter: air traffic contollers will not be affected by any of this mess, harris. >> harris: peter, thank you. and now for that situation we have been watching out of washington. the meeting between president obama and top democratic
7:19 pm
leaders, just two of them. we've learned is now over. let's go back to mike emanuel standing by at the white house to see if maybe anything came out of the meeting or anyone is talking now that they've left the white house, mike. >> harris, we're going to get details and tell you that the oval office meeting with the president and vice-president, senator harry reid and leader nancy pelosi lasted about an hour and six minutes. wrapped up at 7:04 p.m., just as we were into the show and so, at this point, we do not believe there's any plans to talk on camera this evening, but, it remains a very fluid situation, and so white house aides are not ruling it out at this point. bottom line, the president meeting with the democrats, undoubtedly the talk about senator reid's fallback plan i told you about earlier in the show and cut some 2 1/2 trillion dollars, would extend the debt ceiling until early 2013 and not raise taxes, so that may be popular with some republicans as well. and so, bottom line, the meeting with the democrats is over. and we expect speaker boehner
7:20 pm
to have a similar meeting about his fallback plan with house republicans as washington waits and the leaders here can come up with a plan, harris. >> harris: one thing we're learning, mike, for sure, you never know what might happen next, i like the way you put it, we don't know if people will talk tonight. you were all over it and we appreciate it. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: new developments in the mystery at the mansion, it's called. police turn attention for clues, that might explain finally the shocking deaths of a young woman and six-year-old boy at the same southern california home. a live report for you ahead and watch this video. police say it could help them track down a suspected serial groper. they want you to take a good look at this guy. i've got the story when we come back, stay with us. [ malannouncer ] imagine facing the day
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>> the mystery at a millionaire's mansion deepens. the police are on the hunt for new clues after two people tied to a california businessman died within days of each other. the girlfriend of the pharmaceutical mogul was found tied up and hanging from a balcony inside the home in san diego. the same week his six-year-old son died after falling down a flight of stairs and now we're hearing of a new place investigators are searching for clues. our casey stegall has the latest from los angeles, casey. >> reporter: yeah, harris, radar online is reporting that police are trying to get their hands on surveillance tapes from a children's hospital in the san diego area because they're trying to verify the pharmaceutical mogul's story. that is because, 54-year-old jonas has been telling police all along he was visiting his son at the hospital the time his girlfriend was found dead.
7:25 pm
his younger brother making the discovery back on july 13th. he says that he found 32-year-old rebecca sahu hanging from a balcony, naked and hands and feet bound. the woman's family saying she was not suicidal and would not have taken her own life. the official cause of death is pending toxicology reports which we understand could take up to six weeks. but, just two days before jonah's six-year-old son max fell down the stairs in that same mansion. he was in the hospital for nearly a week, but eventually died from his injuries. both of the incidents happening at this multi-million dollar mansion near san diego, in the same week. police say they have executed multiple search warrants at that property, but will not elaborate further on the investigation. they have not named the home's owner, a suspect. but again, according to radar
7:26 pm
online, authorities want to he can check out his story about being at the hospital with his son. he founded medicis pharmaceutical and bought that mansion in 2007. he's reportedly left california and now moved to another home he owns near scottsdale, arizona, incidentally the same city where that pharmaceutical company that he founded, is headquartered. harris. >> harris: casey, thank you very much. police in new york looking for a man they say groped several women who live in the same neighborhood. here is surveillance video showing a man they believe is the offender. police say they're investigating at least eight different incidents on manhattan's upper east side in january when a man made inappropriate sexual advances toward female victims. they've released a sketch of the vekt, 4 feet 11 inches tall with black hair and urge anybody who sees hem or with any information about i am had to call police.
7:27 pm
now, breaking news in washington d.c., as both political parties now working through this weekend toward a debt deal to keep our nation from possibly going into default. the situation changing by the hour, and on this day, sometimes by the minute, we'll have a live report from capitol hill. plus, this is not model behavior. bandits stealing what police say is thousands of dollars worth of smokes. apparently not the first time. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement, if your car is totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer. liberty mutual auto insurance. having theight real estate agent on your side is more important than ever. at, you can find the experts you need, nobodyells more restate than re/max. visit today.
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>> i am a harris falkner, this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour time for the top of the news. despite a weekend of talks no deal in washington how to handle our nation's debt. a meeting between the president and top democratic leaders at the white house just ending. no announcements out of the meeting so far. you know how it's going, we're ready for anything at this point. house speaker john boehner expected to announce a republican plan tomorrow and in fact the house g.o.p. scheduled to get together at 2 p.m. eastern before the new developments, boehner sat down with our chris wallace earlier today to talk about what he was hoping to get done today. >> well, there is going to be a two stage process, just not physically possible to do all of this in one step. and having said that, chris, i know the president's worried about his next election.
7:32 pm
but my god, shouldn't we be worried about the country? >> it is 7:31 and 40 seconds on the east coast. steve centanni live in washington and i understand they're still working? >> they are, harris. of course the meeting at the white house broke up as you heard mike emanuel say. the speakers goal of reaching a deal before the asian markets owned has fallen by the way side. and boehner will make his case to fellow republicans op a conference call, on the call, saying the white house is not serious about taxling serious issues without tax increases. the g.o.p. plan passed in the house and failed in the senate. some republicans will be asked to make some quote, sacrifices. now, house minority leader eric cantor on tonight's conference call accused of president of playing politics and said, quote, the president's position of coursing us to give him a debt limit increase through the election is purely political and indefensible.
7:33 pm
he cannot sustain or defend putting politics above the country's instance in this situation. the country's interest that should be in this situation. now, the democrats say the president wants to avoid making debt reduction in election year political football. that's why he's looking for the debt ceiling to be extended into 2013 and to prevent market jitters and economic fallout. >> a short-term extension of the debt ceiling is going to jeopardize our economy, at a time when the global economy is so weak, when we're facing a downgrade of america's credit rating. they've warned us not to do it and speaker boehner is ignoring that warning. we can't do that. >> reporter: and fox news learned that the initial cuts of 2.5 trillion dollars over ten years, no new revenues and a debt ceiling extension until 2013. back to you, harris. >> harris: no deal before the markets opened, steve. thank you very much.
7:34 pm
and we are following the u.s. fobbing futures. remember at the top of the newscast tonight we said that we would do that for you and here it is. triple digits off already. the u.s. stock futures already falling 100 points. we'll bring back robert gray from the fox business network, coming up in a short while, but we're watching right now, all eyes on asia as well. will traders there set a tone for wout, specifically how will your 401(k) do if there is any kind of selloff reaction to no deal from lawmakers this weekend. in minutes, back to fox business network reporter robert gray for the latest on this. he's there at their hub and he's watching closely for us. meanwhile, investigators trying to find out what led a small plane to fall out of the sky. it's our top story on a fox trip across america. floridas the pilot is dead. after his single engine plane crashed to the ground south of orlando. two others taken to a
7:35 pm
hospital. and witnesses calling 911 after seeing the crash, then helping pull the passengers from the wreckage. utah, surveillance cameras capturing what appears to be a pair of cigarette bandit in salt lake city, throwing as many packs as they could out of their band. told they made off with thousands of dollars worth of smokes. it's the second smash and grab in that same place in less than a week. california, who says it's too warm for snow? the ski resort in the mountains near reno finally closing after what it calls the snowiest season ever. some die-hard skiers say it's worth it, even though the conditions aren't perfect. >> it's like mashed potatoes, skiing in mashed potatoes, tough going. >> harris: this'll only need to wait a few months before the snow starts falling again. virginia, a bevy of beers in richmond and trying out for an upcoming spielberg film about
7:36 pm
abraham lincoln hoping to snag a background role as an extra. >> and break out the beard, and a good day for it. >> it's going on a while. the mustache is a year. >> even if they don't get the part. the guys are proud of the fabulous facial hair. that's a fox watch across america. wedding bells ringing and the same sex marriages, lined the blocks around city offices and couples waited their turns to get the licenses and tied the knot in the chapel. across the state many more did the same thing and governor andrew cuomo speaking out on the law that he played a critical roll in passing. >> to me, marriage equality was more about the second word than the first word. it was always about equality, more than marriage. and that's what this fight was really about, a quality and
7:37 pm
dignity and nondiscrimination and acceptance and nonjudgmentalism. >> harris: new york is the 6th and largest state to recognize gay marriage. north korea now getting back into talks over their controversial nuclear program. we'll tell you where they're going or should i say coming? plus, wait until you hear what stunned police about this man. he's definitely not who they thought he was. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943.
7:38 pm
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7:41 pm
fukushima newark plant. it was 60 miles outside of fukushima to tokyo. the people are recovering from the natural disaster in march and the tsunami killed more than 20,000 people. officials at the fukushima plant this past week they've finally stabilized reactors there and reportedly could take years to clean up that entire site. only hours before the newest quake hit friends and family of some of the previous victims, donned suits to hold a memorial a few miles from the plant. many of them once lived in that area and now say that village is a ghost tournament. >> the u.s. set to host talks, and hopes to end pyongyang's nuclear program. they engaged in six party talks years ago. and defied the calls to
7:42 pm
develop nuclear weapons. there have been reports of a missile test and opening of a uranium enrichment facility since the talks broke down. this meeting happening in new york. a tiny victim rescued from a huge and deadly train wreck in china and a festival in singapore trying to break a world record. two stops as we go around the world in 80 seconds. china, a four-year-old little girl pulled from the twisted wreckage of a train accident. search crews finding her unconscious, but surviving some 21 hours after a crash at that killed at least 35 people and injured more than 200 others. lightning hit one train, knocking out its power. leading to a collision with a second train on the same track. no word on the child's condition. mexico, two body guards for u.s. diplomates killed in monteray, shot while off duty according to u.s. officials. monteray a hot bed of drug
7:43 pm
related violence in recent years, including a grenade attack on the u.s. consulate in 2008. venezuela, president hugo chavez making a surprise return home after undergoing chemotherapy in cuba. the socialist leader spotted with fidel castro and forecast legend adonna. he had a tumor removed reportedly the size of a baseball. singapore, more than 500 diners sitting down at the world's longest table according to local record keepers at 525 feet, the table spans a entire street. showcasing indian food and the town waiting for official world from the guinness book of world records and that's a fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. on the job hunt in this tough economy an aspiring small
7:44 pm
business owners doing whatever they can to get an enterprise off the ground and some people showing how easy it is to break through by opening a franchise. elizabeth has more from the atlanta bureau. >> that's right, a tried and true business model. one that's already in place, that's exactly what one atlanta mother was doing for. she says she has an engineering and a business degree, but nothing in education and it was always her dream to open up a school. that's when she contacted the goddard school when she learned they had a dual model set up for franchising, one that includes an education and a business director. she knew, it was the perfect fit. >> i was looking at the peer group and a lot of my peer group is like me. a lot, they're well educated. they know what they want. they are running great programs, and you know, every time i have a question, i can always pick up the phone and talk to them. >> reporter: ironically
7:45 pm
enough, a down economy may not have been the worst thing that happened to the franchising community according to experts, they say many weaker owners and companies have failed since the economy busted, and now, the stronger candidates are persevering. >> the economy tanking, forced franchisers to be stronger because they're seeing their legacy franchisees fall out of the system, because three years prior they weren't sure they were making money. and ones that built up thousands in equity and financial support, support that fall, were falling off of the system. >> reporter: there are 370 goddard schools across the nation and proving time and again to be successful and in fact, entrepreneur magazine named them the number one child care franchising business across the nation j a big message about survival of the fittest, it seems like, elizabeth, thank you.
7:46 pm
>> thanks. >> harris: a big surprise after authorities arrest a man. here is a hint. he's alive and well after all. reenacting the first major battle of the civil war can be dangerous work. why nearly a dozen people ended up in the hospital next. [ male announcer ] what if that hemorrhoid pain is non-stop to seattle? just carry new preparation h totables. discreet, little tubes packed with big relief. from the brand doctors recommend most by name. new preparation h totables. the anywhere preparation h. now?! [ female announcer ] crest whitestrips two hour express. in just two hours you can have a noticeably whiter smile that lasts for months. hi. hi. [ female announcer ] two hour whitestrips from crest. life opens up when you do. a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities,
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>> an illinois man declared legally dead turns out to be alive and well in las vegas. police arresting 72-year-old arthur gerald jones, for social security fraud in nevada. but he used to live with his wife and kids in chicago. in 1979, jones disappeared and in 1986 he was declared dead. well, now we've learned, jones, a bookie, with huge gambling debts was allegedly fleeing the mob.
7:50 pm
police tracked him down after getting a tip he was illegally collecting social security checks. you cannot run from uncle sam. thousands of americans going to war here on u.s. soil marking 150 years since the battle of the bull run. battle of bull run by reenacting it and they have everything down from the uniforms to the gun smoke, to the heat. paul russell with fox's washington has more. >> over 8500 reenactors recreated the first major battle of the civil war. >> not reading a boring history book. it shows exactly how these people fought these battles. which defined america. these men dressed up in uniform, not just going around and having fun shooting guns, they're honoring our ancestors and helping to preserve an important part of our shared american heritage. >> they fought on pageland
7:51 pm
farm in gainsville, virginia, three miles from manassus where the real battle took place. and for those who took part, the experience was as real as it gets. >> the gun powder, the rifles, trying to work them free and moving forward all over the battle field. just like a real warment commander wants you over here and want you here and want you back here and we do a lot of running and it's, it gets hectic. >> a lot of stuff that you can only experience when you're there, that the sounds, the smoke in your eyes, it burns your eyes, and pops your ears, and you're sweating like crazy and it's really, the only way to experience and have some appreciation what the soldiers went through. >> not only was dodging bullets a concern for the soldiers, but dodging the sun was important for the reenactors and the 11,000 who came to see the battle. >> what were your feelings as you watched? >> i was hot. hot and a little break--
7:52 pm
>> it's well, hot, is probably the thing most people would say. >> and saying it's hot may be a little understatement. nearly 150 people were evaluated for heat related illnesses and 11 people were taken to the hospital. we want to say thank you to wttg for that story. we're watching the markets tonight. u.s. stock futures dropping 100 points and american markets doan even open for another 13 hours. what's ahead for the markets in the morning is what we're watching. and still await a debt deal in washington. is this a reaction to that? well, we don't know about a deal on that, we are hearing about a deal that may be closer to happen for the football season. pre-season, pre-season, could it happen? fox sports coming up. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
7:53 pm
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♪ >> i love that music. ilene, our floor director is dancing away and we've heard it before. a deal now reached between the players association and nfl owners is it true? well, the players association set to meet tomorrow in washington according to a report, on the nfl's own website, i hope they update that website often and that's not old news. pete from fox is here to tell us about it. will there be football? >> we've heard this one before, but apparently tomorrow there's going to be a vote among the nfl executives committee and the frame work is there and they worked tirelessly with thenal yesterday and had a deal in place and get approval from 32 nfl represents. apparently this week there's going to be a lockout lifted and by saturday we could have free agency, training camps
7:57 pm
open and beautiful fox football music and nfl back in score. >> harris: da, da, da. and quarterback ben roethlisberger di roethlisberger tied the knot. 650 guests, he married ashley harman and among the guest list, mayor of pittsburgh as well as teammates and dealers great. >> harris: you're talking about the scandal with him last year. >> that was a scandal last year, but apparently mistakes have been made and they've moved on and he's now a married man and congratulations to the roethlisberger's. >> harris: baseball hall of fame. >> three new inductees, this year, roberto alomar and pat trek, and blylevin, all of them going to the hall of fame today and gave speeches in a very hot ceremony. >> two teals in shth with a,
7:58 pm
one that hasn't happened on the debt crisis and one that maybe has for the family. >> we hope, maybe kind of sort of and we heard that last week, but we'll see, i'm optimistic. >> harris: peter, thank you, fox recapping our stories, i said it, no official deal on the nation's debt crisis to speak of despite meetings all weekend long. and still right now they're working, no plan tonight. house republicans planning another meeting tomorrow afternoon and they're expecting to announce their bill. meanwhile, top democrats in the senate coming up with their own plan reportedly relying purely on spending cuts and president obama meeting with top democrats at the white house, the meeting lasted about an hour, it isn't clear what if anything came out of it. we're watching the markets in asia set to open in just moments from now and robert gray of the fox business network to tell us how things are going, robert? >> yeah, harris, they're expected to open lower, japan's nikkei. the yen was, dollar was selling off against most major
7:59 pm
currencies and expected to see a downdraft there and u.s. futures showing weakness of 1% across the board and 100 points off the dow, if you're keeping score at home. if there's no deal tonight. expect more weakness tomorrow at the open as we're just a week and change away from that august 2nd deadline and keep an eye on gold. gold futures moving to a record high tonight. harris, that's right, as the dollar gets cheaper, there's concern if we lose our triple-a rating that people may not be using the dollar, the greenback as global currency so they may be flocking into gold and also keeping an eye on the swiss franc, rallying people out of the dollar into the swissy there. and we'll keep an eye on that all day long on the fox business network and i'm sure you'll be following tick by tick what's happening in d.c. on the fox news channel. >> harris: absolutely, we're starting to see the coming together between what's going on in washington and debt talks and our own wallets, and we appreciate you watching the story for us tonight robert gray of the fox business


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